Do’s And Don’ts Of Pest Control On Your Property In The Australia

Winter has already come and in the chilling weather, we are preparing for the New Year. New Year is supposed to bring new happiness but still, there will be old concerns.

Though we think winter is safer season regarding pests attack, the truth is different. In winter as well, your home is not safe from the pests. Hence, you need to perform proper pest control even in winter.

But, in the Australia, Bed Bugs control has several limitations that must be followed by a citizen. Are you aware of those rules and regulations? If not, this blog will help you to understand and decide.

Pest Control Services
Commercial Pest control Brisbane

What Can You Do to Control Pests?

First, we will discuss what you can do to Commercial Pest control Brisbane within your property. Below is the You Can list:

  • Contact the local council to know if they offer pest control service
  • Otherwise, contact an authorized pest controller
  • There’s an option of self-pest controlling

If you are performing pests control yourself, you must keep in mind that you can:

  • Trap and/ or kill permitted animals only
  • Use traps that are approved for specified pests
  • Poison pests in order to kill them
  • Use only those poisons which are intended to kill particular pests

What are You Not Supposed to Do?

Beside the You Can list, you must be aware of the You Can’t List. Never use the below-mentioned Pest Control Methods on any wildlife:

Pest Control Brisbane
  • Self-locking traps
  • Bow & crossbow
  • Any explosive other than legitimate munition
  • Living birds or other animals as bait to attract pests

Alongside these restrictions, you are also restricted from keeping or releasing some particular wildlife, in case, you catch them. You must kill the wild animal humanely, following the guidelines.

pest control

Look for a Professional Advise

Already you know that controlling pests in the Australia is little confusing. You can’t take risks while controlling pests yourself as any violation of the rule is a punishable offense in the Australia. Get pest control solutions in Brisbane by our experts.

Pest Control Brisbane

Hence, it is a good decision to ask for a professional consultation. Professional & Pest Control Melbourne will help you understand:

  • The permitted animals to trap and/ or kill
  • Proper trapping and/ or poisoning methods
  • Particular methods to control specific pest

Besides these, you are not permitted to alter or ruin any place where a species has made a shelter or breed in the area. Even it’s within your home, you are not legally allowed to disturb the habitat. Get our Pest Control Services in Newport.

Source:- Want to Get Rid of Rodents and Pests

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