Know How To Save Your Christmas Tree From Pests

Are you planning to bring home a real Christmas tree this Christmas? It is a very good idea but be ready for the unexpected guests who are coming to visit you along with the Christmas tree. We are talking about Pests.

The original Christmas trees in the wild are home to various types of bugs, insects. So, what to do if they are already at your home? What damages can the pests make to your home? How to handle the pests? All your questions are answered below.

Go to the blog and know how to Pest controller Brisbane in order to save your favorite Christmas tree as well as your home.

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Pest Control Brisbane

Damages the Pests Do

Though lots of pests come to your home with Christmas tree, there is no risk of your home becoming troubled by those. As the pests make their shelter in the trees in wild, they are accustomed to living in the habitat.

But when the habitat is altered these pests find it difficult to collect their food and also unable to adjust to temperature, humidity etc. Hence, the pests die themselves (without causing any damage to your home).

Pests that live in Christmas Tree

  1. Adelgids: These are commonly harmless insects, very tiny in size and stationary. These insects excrete cottony wax threads across the branches and stems.
  2. Aphids: These are the extremely common type of bugs seen in plants. Generally, these are very small (even not noticeable most of the time), inactive sap-sucking bugs.But some species may grow little bigger to be visible to naked eye.There is another type of aphids that infest a particular tree like Christmas tree and never spread to other plants.
  3. Bark Beetles: As the name suggests, these beetles commonly excavate the tree bark and create tiny holes and wood dust. But these are different from the woodworms which are the real threat to house furniture.But the bark beetles don’t attack the wooden furniture as those are made of dry wood, and these beetles live in wet one. Hence, it is difficult for them to survive while the Christmas tree is indoor. Even if they manage to survive, they restart their life cycle only when the tree is placed outdoor in spring.
  4. Mites: These are also unnoticeable pests, but become active in warmer weather. Though mites attack humans and animals, those are of different spices. These mites which live in the Christmas trees remain preying on insect eggs.
  5. Praying Mantis: These little insects spend winters in egg masses or else hatch eggs and the tiny creatures then teem around the tree in search of food. tips for pest control they mainly eat smaller insects which in turn helps you clear out some other pests.
  6. Psocids: Another extremely small insect Psocids is winged and it feeds on mold, pollen, fungus, dead bugs etc. These pests die fast when exposed to the dry indoor weather.
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Remove Pests from Christmas Tree 

When you recognize the pests, now it’s time to know how to get rid of Spider. You should think of Local Pest Control Melbourne whenever you are looking for a real Christmas tree. So, what to do before you buy?

Firstly, examine the tree branches if something is visible. If you find something or suspect insect eggs or food grains, thin out the branch.

Secondly, buy the tree a few days before the Christmas and leave it in the garage for the time. Due to lack of food, light, and their natural habitat, the pests will die within this time.

Thirdly, Share the tree after 4-5 days gently. The dead pest cells will fall from the tree and then clean up your place.

Finally, don’t leave anything behind. After clearing the floor spray some neem oil or Diatomaceous Earth move the Christmas tree inside confidently. Contact Spider Pest Control any type of Pest Control Services. Get Pest Control Brisbane services at low cost.

Source:- Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Spider Brisbane

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