Crucial Steps for Preventing Pest Infestation This Summer

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This article gives enough explanation and tips about targeting the summertime pests to enjoy pest free home and backyard. Here are four types of summertime pests that you should know about.

  • Ants

These are one of the very common types of summertime pests, you can them in your backyard or at home during summer times. Some of the ants will bite, some will enter home and some will damage the home by digging small holes on the corners and some species will spread the harmful bacteria. The type of work they do depends on the species they belong to.

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The four species of ants are found during summer season. They are odorous ants that enter the house – pavement ants, carpenter ants, and fire ants. All these ants definitely cause severe problems for the homeowners. Hire a Pest Control Melbourne if you are finding it tough to deal with them.

  • Mosquitoes

These are the dangerous types of pests that take easy entry to your home during the summer months. These pests will carry most dangerous health hazards for the homeowners. These pests spread vector diseases such as West Nile, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, Zika, malaria and many more.

Mosquitoes control
  • Bed Bugs

It is very difficult to get rid of this unwanted guests once they get into your homes. Their numbers will greatly increase during the summer months because the warm weather is suitable for breading and spreading outside to other objects. These culprits live inside the man-made things such as furniture, cupboards, Beds,  Cots, sofas and sofa cushions etc. They easily spread when people travel during the summer months. Get Quotes by Bed Bug Control.

How to Control the Summer Pests by Following the DIY Strategies?

By reducing the moisture levels in and around your home, you can automatically see the reduction of summer pests as they are much attracted to the moisture areas. However, if you are facing a severe attack, it is best to hire an Ace Pest Control Brisbane.

  1.   Properly take a look inside the drains and downspouts of your home and make sure the rainwater is channeled properly away from the base walls.
  2.   Trim the branches of the trees and allow them to dry in sunlight.
  3.   Make a slope around the peripheral area of your home and allow the rainwater to pass through easily instead of settling in one place. Don’t allow the rainwater to puddle near the base walls.
  4.   Check the leakages on the spigots and hoses and fix it.
  5.   If you use drip irrigation system to your backyard, connect only to the landscapes to prevent the water from forming the pool.
  6.   Remove containers or container like structures in your backyard which can easily hold water. Because half cup of water is more than enough for the mosquitoes to breed.

Follow these steps to prevent pest infestation, or else, hire a Pest Control Professional Pest Controller today. Our experts also provides Pest Control Preston. Contact us for same day pest control services.

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