How You Can Get Rid of Silverfish Infestation?

Silverfish pests are known to be small silvery nightmare creatures that can be found in dark as well as damp corners of your house. They are usually harmless to our pests but this fact does not make them less creepy or annoying. They are also referred as the natural disaster for clothing, books and anything containing starch.

The silverfish pests are slow to establish the level of infestation to terribleness unlike other gets. However, once you have got silverfish infestation then it would be very difficult for you to remove and control them from your house.

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Tips to Get Rid of Silverfish Infestation

There are some of the methods to get rid of silverfish but if you want the best results, you need to use a mixture of extermination methods as well as preventative measures. Let us see some of the mix of natural as well as chemical methods for getting rid of silverfish infestation.

Spread Cedar Shavings

You should spread the cedar shaving near the areas you would like to keep protected from silverfish. They do not like the smell of cedar shaving and they would naturally avoid visiting the areas having cedar shavings. However, the wood shavings could be a messy option, so it would be best for you to put them in places where you cannot see them. The silverfish pest control experts suggest that you should clean them with the help of sweeper or vacuum cleaner once a week until the time they are away from your house.

Lay Jar Traps

You should have some jars, torn pieces of bread, and masking tape for this method to work effectively. The expert suggests wrapping your jars in the masking tape until the top as well as putting the bread pieces inside the jar. Hence, before going to bed, you need to place the jar at the places where silverfish can be present. The masking tape wrapped around the jar would also allow the nightmarish bugs for climbing into jar but the smooth glass would prevent them to get out of the jar.

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Apply Essential Oils

Silverfish cannot bear the fragrance of lavender as well as lemon just like most of the insects. The silverfish pest control services provider ask people to buy a bottle of citrus or lavender oil as well as diluted them inside the larger bottle of water. You should shake the bottle very well as well as spray this mixture near the places that can attract silverfish. The best thing about this method is that it is completely non-toxic for you and your pets.

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